PHPMailer SMTP驗證模式 發送 EMail

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PHPMailer SMTP驗證模式 發送 EMail

下載 PHPMailer 模組

下載 Libraries API module PHIMailer需要此模組

下載 PHPMailer for PHP5/6 php發送mail核心程式


1. 解壓縮到 sites\all\libraries 目錄名稱為 phpmailer

2. 安裝 Libraries & PHPMailer 模組

設定 : admin/settings/phpmailer

GMail 設定方式

* Using Google Mail as SMTP server To send e-mails with Google Mail use the following settings:

SMTP server:

SMTP port: 465

Secure protocol: SSL


Password: your_google_mail_password

In Advanced SMTP settings: Enable 'Always set "Reply-To" address' checkbox.

Also note the sending limits for Google Mail accounts:</p>

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