Theme .info 預設值

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Theme .info 預設值
The following are the assumed defaults. When they are not defined, the theme will automatically take these values.
Default values are defined in _system_rebuild_theme_data().

Note: These defaults apply as a group. In other words, overriding a region with regions[sub_header] = Sub-header will omit the rest of the default regions. To gain them back, they must be redefined. This also applies to stylesheets. Even though it's not technically in a group, defining another stylesheet will prevent "style.css" from being included unless it is redefined.

Stylesheets and JavaScript defaults
In Drupal 7 you must define all CSS and JavaScript files you want the theme to use.

regions[sidebar_first]  = Left sidebar
regions[sidebar_second] = Right sidebar
regions[content] = Content
regions[header] = Header
regions[footer] = Footer
regions[highlighted] = Highlighted
regions[help] = Help
regions[page_top] = Page Top
regions[page_bottom] = Page Bottom

engine = phptemplate

features[] = logo
features[] = name
features[] = slogan
features[] = node_user_picture
features[] = comment_user_picture
features[] = comment_user_verification
features[] = favicon
features[] = main_menu
features[] = secondary_menu

theme settings
settings[toggle_logo] = 1
settings[toggle_name] = 1
settings[toggle_slogan] = 1
settings[toggle_node_user_picture] = 1
settings[toggle_comment_user_picture] = 1
settings[toggle_comment_user_verification] = 1
settings[toggle_favicon] = 1
settings[toggle_main_menu] = 1
settings[toggle_secondary_menu] = 1

screenshot = screenshot.png

php (minimum support)
DRUPAL_MINIMUM_PHP is a constant. It points to the minimum requirements for Drupal core to run.

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