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  Smart table
  • lightweight: smart-table is less than 13kb minified and has no dependencies other than Angular itself
  • robust: smart-table is widely tested which makes the module really stable
  • useful: smart-table will allow you to have a table on which you will be able to perform common operations with simple configuration
  • developer friendly: the design of the module has been thought carefully and it is really easy to get into the source code to modify/customise the module to best fit your needs. You will find for example:
    • on the different branches of the project some custom implementation to turn smart-table into a server driven table while changing less than 10 lines
    • on plunker(here made by Jiri Kavulak) some custom implementation with richer functionalities
模組介紹 ngmodules 集合各式功能模組的連結
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符號 font 提供一些方便運用的圖形符號
1. Glyphicons 為 Bootstrap 預先提供的icon 數量較少
2. Font Awesome 提供數百個icon
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