jQuery EasyUI ValidateBox

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jQuery EasyUI ValidateBox


Override defaults with $.fn.validatebox.defaults.

The validatebox is designed to validate the form input fields. If users enter invalid values, it will change the background color, display the alarm icon and a tooltip message. The validatebox can be integrated with form plugin and will prevent invalid fields from submission.


  • tooltip


Create validatebox from markup.

  1. <input id="vv" class="easyui-validatebox" data-options="required:true,validType:'email'">

Create validatebox using javascript.

  1. <input id="vv">
  1. $('#vv').validatebox({
  2. required: true,
  3. validType: 'email'
  4. });

To check password and retype password are same.

  1. // extend the 'equals' rule
  2. $.extend($.fn.validatebox.defaults.rules, {
  3. equals: {
  4. validator: function(value,param){
  5. return value == $(param[0]).val();
  6. },
  7. message: 'Field do not match.'
  8. }
  9. });
  1. <input id="pwd" name="pwd" type="password" class="easyui-validatebox" data-options="required:true">
  2. <input id="rpwd" name="rpwd" type="password" class="easyui-validatebox"
  3. required="required" validType="equals['#pwd']">

Validate Rule

The validate rule is defined by using required and validType property, here are the rules already implemented:

  • email: Match email regex rule.
  • url: Match URL regex rule.
  • length[0,100]: Between x and x characters allowed.
  • remote['http://.../action.do','paramName']: Send ajax request to do validate value, return 'true' when successfully.

To custom validate rule, override $.fn.validatebox.defaults.rules that defines a validator function and invalid message. For example, to define a minLength valid type:

  1. $.extend($.fn.validatebox.defaults.rules, {
  2. minLength: {
  3. validator: function(value, param){
  4. return value.length >= param[0];
  5. },
  6. message: 'Please enter at least {0} characters.'
  7. }
  8. });

Now you can use the minLength validtype to define an input box that should be inputed at least 5 characters:

  1. <input class="easyui-validatebox" data-options="validType:'minLength[5]'">


Name Type Description Default
required boolean Defines if the field should be inputed. false
validType string,array Defines the field valid type, such as email, url, etc. Possible values are:
1) a valid type string, apply a single validate rule.
2) a valid type array, apply multiple validate rules. The multiple validate rules on a field are available since version 1.3.2.
3) a key/value pairs, the key is the validing type name, the value is an array consisting validating parameters.

Code example:

<input class="easyui-validatebox" data-options="required:true,validType:'url'">
<input class="easyui-validatebox" data-options="
<input class="easyui-validatebox" data-options="
delay number Delay to validate from the last inputting value. Available since version 1.3.2. 200
missingMessage string Tooltip text that appears when the text box is empty. This field is required.
invalidMessage string Tooltip text that appears when the content of text box is invalid. null
tipPosition string Defines the position of tip message when the content of text box is invalid. Possible values: 'left','right'. Available since version 1.3.2. right
deltaX number Tooltip offset in the X direction. Available since version 1.3.3. 0
novalidate boolean True to turn off validation. Available since version 1.3.4. false


Name Parameters Description
onBeforeValidate none Fires before validate on a field. Available since version 1.4.
onValidate valid Fires when validate on a field. Available since version 1.4.


Name Parameter Description
options none Return the options object.
destroy none Remove and destroy the component.
validate none Do the validation to determine whether the content of text box is valid.
isValid none Call validate method and return the validation result, true or false.
enableValidation none Enable validation. Available since version 1.3.4.
disableValidation none Disable validation. Available since version 1.3.4.

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